Amid chaos and construction development all over Bangkok, there lies a school within foreign workers' camp. Not just an ordinary school, but a school filled with hope from foreign children; hope for learning that cannot be found elsewhere as Thai education system currently does not support foreign workers’ youth education.

The container school was established by ‘sarngsundek' foundation in early 2014 with supports from the the construction firms to provide foreign workers’ children with basic education: Thai, English, math, and arts. There were about twenty students in total.

This photo series documented the lives of the only teacher (Kru Pairoj) and his students in the school converted from a shipping container.

The future of the students in this school is uncertain; oftentimes, the students need to move to new camp knowing just only two to three days in advance. And the school is scheduled to be decommissioned in March of 2015.

Bangkok, Thailand. Foreign workers' camp.

Container Schoool, a shanty.

Kru Pairoj and his students during art class.

a girl looks out the window grille.

Multimedia room.

Sentence written by a student: ‘what is your name?’

Assistant teacher guides a girl’s hand while learning to write English alphabet.

Kru Pairoj erases traceable alphabet workbooks for reuse.

Kids drawing home.

Math class.

a boy, lost in thought.

Children sit on a couch: made from reused plastic cardboard. Absorbed in an obsoleted cellphone.

Shared drawing utensils, short and broken.